Toyota Announces 221 Special Offers Including Trade-In Boosters and Finance Contributions

Customers urged to act fast given high demand and global supply issues

Toyota, Ireland’s best-selling car brand, is delighted to announce its 221 offers for new car sales registered on or before December 31st, 2021. The 2022 offers include Toyota Easy PCP from 3.9% APR, finance contributions of up to €2,500, and trade-in boosters of up to €3,500 for non-finance customers looking to move away from diesel into cleaner hybrids with lower CO2 emissions and up to 90% lower NOx.

Due to the well-documented global supply issues currently affecting the motoring industry, and the continuing growth in interest for hybrid (which has seen a 65% year on year increase), 221 demand is ultimately expected to exceed supply. As such, Toyota is urging interested parties to contact their local dealer and come in early to guarantee delivery for Q1.

As Ireland continues its migration into more sustainable, lower CO2 emitting vehicles, Toyota’s range of self-charging hybrids offer the widest choice of affordable electrified options for the environmentally conscious driver. For example, Toyota’s new generation Yaris hybrid can drive in zero emissions mode for up to 80% of the time in urban driving conditions. Toyota’s range also has the lowest CO2 output of all mass market car brands, and as such, is comparatively least affected by the forthcoming VRT increases in Budget 2022, making them more competitively priced than ever. A customer purchasing a new C-HR hybrid will pay 4.75% lower VRT compared to the average petrol and diesel equivalents, while Ireland’s best-selling hybrid SUV, the RAV4 hybrid, will have a 2.5% lower VRT cost versus other conventional SUV models. The Yaris hybrid, the 2021 Car of the Year, will see no VRT increase for 2022.

Commenting on the 221 offers, Michael Gaynor, Toyota Ireland’s marketing director said: “For 2022 we really want to incentivise drivers who are currently in diesel powered vehicles to make the switch to hybrid electric and have made a number of trade-in boosters and great finance offers available for 221. In addition to lower running costs and strong used car resale values, self-charging hybrids have many environmental and health benefits compared to diesel, such as 90% less NOx, which can be the cause of serious human respiratory issues.

“Because there is an exceptionally high level of demand for hybrid, especially for the new RAV4 Plug-in hybrid and Yaris Cross SUV hybrid, we recommend that interested customers get in touch with their local Toyota dealer as early as possible to avoid disappointment.”